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Bread Pain Pane Brood Brot Aran
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Monday, 11 May 2015

Wet, wet, wet picnic

 So this is where the phrase "it was no picnic" came from!
It was wet at Crarae Gardens on Sunday, wet but wonderful. Big drops of water managed to find their way through the sequoia canopy down into our cocoa but it still tasted great. We enjoyed our stand up picnic of pirozhkis and olive breadsticks left over from Saturday's Picnic baking class but sadly the roast veg stuffed bloomer was long gone.
 There were some plants blooming but the garden needs a week's sunshine and warmth to be spectacular. The gorge certainly had a good flow of water.
The rhododendron and eucalyptus barks below looked magical with water streaming off them and the buds, blooms and lichens covering everything give the place a fairytale look.

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