Bread Pain Pane Brood Brot Aran

Bread Pain Pane Brood Brot Aran
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Tuesday, 6 November 2012

Extreme Kneading

So what happened next?

You can see where the dough is meant to go, but unless you are an incurable optimist  you have two choices, floor or ceiling. I promised J. I wouldn't tell but I'll give you a clue: f****.

Compared to which Grandpa below is playing very safe by doing a bit of air kneading - keeps the worktop clean but it goes for your shoulders after a bit. Only possible with small amounts of soft dough, however it is a good way to appreciate the changes which take place as you knead.
Thanks to Jacqueline for the images.

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  1. Well thanks, that was discreet, NOT! It was fun though and I don't regret throwing the bread around, my loaf was the better for it.


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